Feng Sheng Trading is a subsidiary company under Feng Sheng Engineering Pte Ltd. Our main specialisation is on import & export of refurnish aircon equipment. We also buy and sell refurnish airon equipment such as spare parts, remote controller, air purifier and etc. Other than that, our services included of rental and leasing of aircon equipment with installation services, repair service of aircon printed circuit board, and any other aircon related services.

Feng Sheng Trading has more than 10 years of experiences in air con industry and we strive to provide the most reasonable prices to our clients in terms of quality and assurance. We aware that condensation is the biggest enemy when comes to air conditioning, faulty components can result in leakage, and also stained ceilings and walls. More seriously, air-conditioners which are not working efficiently are a major contributing source of energy wastage, resulting in higher utility bills for your company.

As an experienced air con material provider, we have therefore taken steps to ensure that all our products are in highest quality, giving you the assurance of the standards of testing and manufacture.