Question 1. What is the life span of a residential air conditioner?

Answer: In general, the average life span of an air conditioner is 6 – 7 years. This varies according to the frequency the air-con is used and regular servicing of the air conditioner by a professional air conditioner technician.

Question 2. What is an Inverter air conditioner?

Answer: An Inverter air conditioner regulates the temperature of the room and can achieve the desired temperature accordingly. It is more energy efficient as it reduces inefficient cooling with accurate control.

Question 3. Are all models suitable for my HDB flat?

Answer: The selection of models depends on the size of the room, the frequency of usage, the number of rooms you require to be air conditioned, and HDB requirements. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you select a suitable model for your home. You can call us at 6896 2477.

Question 4. Why should i maintain my air conditioner regularly?

Answer: With regular maintenance, the air conditioner will last longer, operate more efficiently and reduce the need for repair, essentially saving you money in the long-run.

Question 5. How often do i need to have maintenance on my air conditioners?

Answer: A good estimate would be 3 – 4 times a year for residential air conditioners. For air conditioners in commercial & industrial environments, a monthly maintenance is recommended. Feel free to contact us for more information or to enquire about maintenance contracts.

Question 6. Can I perform maintenance on my air conditioner myself?

Answer: Cleaning the external surfaces or the air conditioner and cleaning the air filters in the air con every 2 weeks will help clear dust accumulation. Any other maintenance should be done by a professional and trained air condition technician. Talk to us about maintaining your air conditioners!

Question 7. Why is my air conditioner making a noise?

Answer: Varying reasons could be a factor. One reason might be the inner coil fan or the blower is dirty. Another reason could be defective components or parts in the air conditioner.

Question 8. My air con is producing an unpleasant smell. What's wrong?

Answer: Smells from the environment (e.g Cigarette smoke) may have been taken in by the air conditioner unit and released along with the air flow. Consult our trained specialists if encountering such situations.

Question 9. What is the best temperature to be set for my air conditioner?

Answer: In general, 25-27 °C is recommended. Lowering the temperature by 1°C can raise your operating costs up by 15%.

Question 10. How long will installation of air conditioners in my home take?

Answer: Generally, it will take 1 day for a HDB flat. For other types of homes, it may require a longer period.