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Everyone likes and wants a comfortably cool working environment because it makes their working life easier!

In today’s society, especially in Singapore, most work environments are fully air-conditioned. It has become a norm due to the intense heat in Singapore.

Feng Sheng Air Con Group also specializes in installation, service & maintenance and repair & troubleshooting of commercial and industrial air-con units!

Require our services? We’re just a phone call away!

Services Available

Normal Maintenance Service

Normal Maintenance Services are the regular maintenance of your air-conditioners. This includes washing the components, cleaning them and topping up the coolant. After servicing, your air-conditioner will last longer.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment is a service that will clean even the most toughest grimes on your air-conditioners! This is suitable for air-conditioners which have not been serviced for an extended period and tough stains and dirt have accumulated over time.
After our chemical treatment, your air-con will be as good as new!


Overhaul Treatment

With overhaul treatment services, your air-conditioner will be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and reassembled. That way, you can be assured that each component has been properly cleaned and serviced. Your under-performing air-conditioner will be restored to excellent working condition again!

Yearly Maintenance Contract

If you’re looking for a long-term deal to have your air-conditioner maintained, this is the one you’re looking for! We’ll clean, service and maintain your air-conditioner for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it yourselves!

Trouble Shooting and Repairing

If there’s a problem with your air-conditioner, look no further! Our professional service teams are trained to handle different types of problems afflicting your air-conditioner. Give us a call and we’ll have your air-conditioner working in no time!


So you’ve decided to combat the tropical heat by having an air-conditioner installed in your home. We specialize in air-conditioners and we are definitely equipped to carry out installation services in your home! Give us a call to find out more!

Extended Services


Maintenance of Cooling Towers

(Small – large sized Cooling Towers)

3. Maintenance of Air Cool Chiller.

Maintenance of Air Cool Chiller

4. Installation and Maintenance of VRV Condensers.

Installation and Maintenance of VRV Condensers

5. Installation and Maintenance of VRV III Inverters.

Installation and Maintenance of VRV III Inverters

7. Maintenance of AHU and AHU Fan Motor.

Maintenance of AHU and AHU Fan Motor

8. Replacement of AHU Filters.

Replacement of AHU Filters

(Medium – Large sizes)

9. Replacement of valve.

Replacement of Valve

Installation of Duct Works

11. Design and Install VAV Systems.

Design and Install VAV Systems

12. Maintenance of Exhaust Fan

Maintenance of Exhaust Fan


Maintenance of Aircon on Vessel

13. Packaged Unit for Rent.

Packaged Unit for Rent


Air Cooler / Aircon Unit for Rent